Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the district need a funding measure?
Due to recent state budget cuts, Fremont Unified School District’s budget is projected to be more than $20 million short for the 2010-11 school year. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on the state to provide adequate funding to protect the academic excellence of our schools. Measure K is needed to assure a revenue stream that cannot be taken from the state.

What has been done to cut back spending in the district?
State budget cuts forced Fremont Unified School District to cut over $13 million from the 2009-10 budget. This year’s budget included significant cuts to administrative staff at the district office, teacher prep time, school counselors and librarians. In addition the work year was reduced as a cost savings method, class sizes were increased for kindergarten, and fourth through twelfth grade among other cuts.

What cuts are being considered for the 2010-11 school year?
Reductions under consideration for the 2010-11 school year include additional cuts to elementary teacher prep time, a 4% district-wide pay cut and work year reductions, adult school, operations, custodial and grounds reductions, in addition to increased class size for kindergarten through third grade and high school among other cuts.

What would the funding measure specifically support?
Funding from this measure would provide critical funding to protect the academic excellence of our local schools by:
  • Maintaining reading, writing, math and science programs;
  • Keeping school libraries open;
  • Supporting classroom and learning technology;
  • Maintaining college preparation programs and programs to prepare students for the workforce; and
  • Retaining qualified teachers.
How do I know that the money will be spent wisely?
  • Money raised would be controlled locally and go to our local schools;
  • None of the money would be used for administrator salaries;
  • Oversight by an independent citizens committee will ensure funds from Measure K are spent as promised;
  • Exemptions would be available for those 65 and over; and
  • Measure K would expire in 5 years and could not be renewed without voter approval.
How much will the local funding measure cost?
If passed, Measure K would cost $53 per parcel, per year for a limited five year duration.

Won’t funds from the Federal stimulus package make up the budget shortfall?
One-time federal stimulus funds were received by the school district. Those funds were used to prevent mid-year lay-off’s in the 2008-09 school year and to keep counselors in our schools for the 2010-11 school year.

When will the local funding measure be on the ballot?
  • Measure K will be on the November 2010 ballot.
I am 65+, how do I receive the senior exemption?
  • The Fremont Unified School District will have an exemption form available to residents 65+ if the funding is passed by voters.
  • Those qualified residents will simply need to fill out and return the form to be exempt from the finance measure.