Our schools need a stable funding source that cannot be taken by the state. Measure K will help to maintain the high standard of education students receive in our local schools.
Successive state fiscal crises have led to drastic funding cuts in our schools. More than $20 million in local school funding has been cut. The Fremont Unified School District is already among the lowest-funded in Alameda County. With ongoing state cuts to education and unpredictable state funding for the next several years, we cannot allow our high-performing schools to decline.

The Fremont Unified School District provides an exceptional academic environment. With outstanding student test scores and performance, strong parent involvement, and recognition for excellence in curriculum, our students succeed year after year. Without a local funding source our schools face deeper program cuts that threaten the quality education students receive.

Measure K will not prevent all of the cuts at our schools, but it will prevent some of the most devastating cuts to academic programs and teachers, including:
  • Maintaining math, science, reading and writing programs;
  • Keeping school libraries open;
  • Supporting classroom and learning technology;
  • Maintaining college preparation programs and programs to prepare students for the workforce; and
  • Retaining qualified teachers.
Strong taxpayer protections:
  • Money raised would be controlled locally and go to our local schools;
  • None of the money would be used for administrator salaries;
  • Oversight by an independent citizens committee will ensure funds from Measure K are spent as promised;
  • Exemptions would be available for those 65 and over; and
  • Measure K would expire in 5 years and could not be renewed without voter approval.
Measure K is a simple but critical step we can take to ensure stable local funding for Fremont schools so our students can continue to learn in high-quality schools. Join us in voting YES on Measure K.